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Wojslaw (VOY-swaff ) is the epitome of inspired efforts made by Polish master breeder and director of the famed Michalow State Stud, Ignacy Jaworowski, to recreate and invigorate the oldest sire line in Europe, that of Bairactar, born in 1813.  Through the Bairactar scion, Amurath Sahib, this bloodline was utilized to the highest level by Poland creating legendary horses. In 1958, the exceptional bay son of Amurath Sahib, Arax, was sold by Poland to Russia. In the intervening years, however, the Kuhailan branch of the Bairactar line was lost to Polish breeding. In the search for the right horse, Director Jaworowski acquired from Tiersk the Arax grandson Tallin, to breed to the elite mares of Michalow Stud.

Canterbury Farms is the historic
residence of the Tillman family.
The original house was built in the 1600s as evidenced by the historic lock (below).



On a propitious day in 1986, three decades after Arax left Poland, a refined bay colt was born to one of the favorite mares of the Stud, she being *Wilejka, a mare of exquisite beauty, splendid pedigree, and marvelous disposition. The Director honored the colt by naming him after a legendary knight of ancient Polish history, a name he had reserved for a very special horse.

Canterbury Farms preserves the
bloodline of its pure Polish Arabian
horses with the same dedication that it
keeps its padlocks and paddocks.

This was *Wojslaw!


*Wojslaw lived up to his responsibilities, having a good race record as well as being named Polish National Champion Stallion. He not only did well in athletic testing and in the show ring, but he excelled as a sire. He is the sire of *Emanor, Polish & US National Champion Stallion, & Canadian National Champion Park; Beduin, Danish Res. National Champion; UK Res. Champion Mare, Prymka; and many other top show horses. In addition, he sired the phenomenal Druid, called “the best racehorse in 70 years” by Polish breeders. Druid later sold for $.5 million. *Wojslaw is the sire of many other stakes and classic race winners, and still is a top sire of winning horses currently running in Poland.


Wojslaw, Polish National Champion Stallion, Race sire of the year for stteks     winners, and sire of international champions in the show ring and on the track, comes from impecible breeding.

In late 2002, after 13 long years of trying to purchase this magnificent stallion, the deed was successfully accomplished. *Wojslaw came to Canterbury Farm where he joined his dam, *Wilejka and four beautiful sisters as well as daughters bred in Poland. At Canterbury Farm *Wojslaw has sired incredible individuals, including Diwa (Diva), a spectacular chestnut filly destined for success in the show ring. His first foals are being shown in halter now, and soon to be in many performance venues, plus they will be ready for the track in 2007. The sons and daughters of *Wojslaw are taking into the future the heritage of two hundred years and ten generations of selective breeding of the sire line of Bairactar, Amurath Sahib, Arax and *Wojslaw.

*Wojslaw is a horse of a lifetime!



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